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    FME01 Indexable CBN efficient Surface Milling Cutter

    • ModelFME01
    • BrandFUNIK
    • PriceNegotiable

    1. Details

    The Grades and Applications

    FormGradeApplication FeaturesApplication FieldsApplication Industry
    FBN 7025

    Roughing and finishing

    • Be suitable for rough ming, semi finishey milky and finish milling of gay cast eon. 

    • Be suitable Ice rough milky. semi finishey many and finish milling of hard cast iron.

    • Be suitatae for rough ming, semi finishing milling and finish milling of hardened steel。

    Automobile, Roll machine tool, Mould industry, etc.
    FBK 7520 Finishing • Be suitable for finishing ming of hard cast iron and gray cast iron. 


    SpecificationTooth numberSize Insert Type
    Spare parts
    ΦDΦD1Hwedgdowel screwwrench
    FME01-063-A22-SN09-07 7 63
    FME01-080-A27-SN09-09 9 80 27 50
    FME01-100-B32-SN09-12 12 100 32 50
    FME01-125-B40-SN09-14 14 125 40 63
    FME01-160-B40-SN09-18 18 160 40 63
    FME01-200-C60-SN09-24 24 200 60 63
    FME01-250-C60-SN09-30 30 250 60 63
    FME01-315-D60-SN09-36 36 315 60 70

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